Exhibition “Voiles latines du Léman”

From Saturday 08 April to Sunday 05 November 2017 from 2 pm to 6 pm every day at the house Gribaldi

It is the history of the boats of Léman that the exhibition presented at the Maison Gribaldi proposes to tell through numerous documents, objects, models and paintings from Swiss and French collections.

The inhabitants of the shores of Lake Geneva are well aware that the large Latin sailing boats transported the Meillerie stones which were used for the construction of modern towns along the lake shore. They are more often ignorant of the fact that the introduction of Latin sail on Lake Geneva dates back to the twelfth century, to the ambition of the dukes of Savoy to become kings. From their Chillon castle and the toll of the new city, they covet the prosperous city of Geneva and intend to control this great commercial route which, from Genoa and Venice, feeds the fairs of Geneva: they create the fleet of galleys of Chillon, Genevans worried about building one too. The Latin sail quickly equips the warships of Léman. The invention, in 1691, of a half-warlike, semi-warlike galley, belongs to the Bernese, anxious to make these boats profitable in peacetime. As a warrior, the Latin sail becomes merchant. The extraordinary qualities of the Léman barque imposed the Latin sail on the lake as early as the 18th century, leading to the disappearance of the ancient naus with square sails. After a period of unexpected apogee in the Belle Epoque, the improvement of transport and the use of concrete announce the decline of a tradition nautical centuries. Two boats survived and today sail to the yachting as well as replicas, thus maintaining a long and rich Lemanic culture. It is not uncommon the fine days of seeing their large elegant sails emerge on the waters of Lake Geneva.

Prices: Adult: from 2.50 to 3.50 €, Child: from 0 to 2.50 €.
Free for children under 10 years old.